GlitterComm is a virtual tabletop application to play RPGs. It's designed to play the world's most popular roleplaying game but it can be used to play almost any RPG.

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May 17 2009

The fate of GC1 is now in your hands!

Here is how it works: GC1 will remain available as long as the hosting costs are covered, via donations or the GlitterComm Amazon Store. Even after GC2 is released, old GC1 will still be available if you decide that is worth it and keep donating or using the store.

GC1’s fate will be decided every 6 months. If you enjoy playing with GC please don't wait until the time is up and tell your friends about it!

Apr 20 2009

The Old New Thing

I've received many emails of people asking about GlitterComm. Most of them polite even!

I appreciate you guys taking the time to write and voice your support. My progress on GlitterComm 2 has been consistently thwarted by the forces of... life! I guess that makes me evil huh? Oh well. But really, work and life have been too hectic in the past months and I haven't had time to code as much as I wanted.

As such, here it is again GlitterComm as you know it.

More news to come soon.